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Frequently Asked Questions

Reminder: The game is still in development and anything mentioned may be subject to change. Information last updated 04/17/2021.

Q: What is TitanReach?

A: TitanReach is a fantasy medieval-style MMORPG with a deep skilling system and a dynamic action combat system.

Q: I WANT TO PLAY! How do I play?!

A: The game is currently available through our Early Access. Early Access is aimed at the most dedicated members of our community as a way to get them involved in the development process, it is not equivalent to a Steam Early Access release.

You can purchase access to Early Access via our TitanReach Store

Q: How can I help?

A: Tell your friends about us, Make videos, reviews, art, memes, anything you want. Getting involved in our community is a great way to help us out. We appreciate every single person who joins the subreddit and Discord, especially anyone who spreads any form of awareness!

Q: What state of development are you in?

A: We are in open early development (pre-alpha / Early Access). We are working on the foundations of core systems such as questing, combat and skilling. We are continually working to add new areas and content to the world.

Q: How long will Early Access be available?

A: Early Access will be available for roughly 8 months.

Q: How do I report a bug in the Early Access?

A: You can report a bug from the settings menu in game or on our website Report a Bug

Q: How often will we be getting updates to the game during the Early Access?

A: We are aiming to release weekly updates to Early Access, although this early in development there are likely to be delays.

About Us

Q: Who is Square Root Studios?

A: SRS was founded by √Fish & √Unravel, both from Australia. The rest of the team are spread across the globe.

Q: How big is the team?

A: The team is made up of 16 members. Meet the team

Q: How did the game TitanReach come about?

A: √Unravel & √Fish have been tossing around the idea of making an RS inspired game for years, and finally took the leap to commit to making one last year after they knew they had the skills to make it.

Q: What state of development are you in?

A: Production. Developing and polishing certain systems. Designing and modeling the environment and creating and implementing more audio. TitanReach has a starting zone (Glimmermoore) which includes a tutorial and a couple of the lowest tiers of every skill. You are also able to create and customize your own character.


Q: What is the Release Date for TitanReach?

A: There is no exact release date at this time.

  • Currently Early Access is live and the access needs to be bought from the store, it is estimated to last for roughly 6-8 months.
  • Alpha is expected to arrive 2021 Q4. It will require Alpha access to be bought from the store.
  • Full release will arrive in 2022. The game will be subscription based and is expected to cost $8 USD / month.

No subscription is needed to be able to participate in the Early Access or the Alpha.

Q: What Platforms will the game be released on?

A: PC with controller support and with enough support we will expand into consoles (including Playstation/Xbox/Switch)

The Game

Q: How does Movement & Combat work?

A: The player controls the character's movement with “WASD” (controller also supported) and looks around by moving their mouse. The game features action-based combat primarily controlled by mouse clicks.

Q: What are the key features of TitanReach?


  • Explore the massive open world of Alyssia
  • Level up in 20 unique skills, unlocking new content all the way to level 100
  • Master our fast paced, dynamic action combat system
  • Learn the story of TitanReach through complex, engaging quests
  • Play alongside friends, meet new people and forge alliances in player-owned guilds
  • Take part in a player driven economy: every item is gathered or crafted by players
  • Battle epic bosses, or strategically hunt slayer bounties.
  • Duel other players in intense PvP combat.
  • Build your character your way, there is no class system to restrict you

Q: More Info about Skills?

A: We feature traditional fantasy combat elements including Melee/Ranged/Sorcery along with non-combat elements. The game will be released with a total of 20 skills, 9 related to combat. All skills max out at Level 100, with a max combat level of 100. ​


Q: How does your combat level work?

A: Combat levels are based on the 9 combat related skills, different skills have different weight values and affect your combat level differently.

Q: Can I create a pure account?

A: Yes you can! We are looking forward to what people come up with!

Q: How will the Quests be like?

A: The Quest System is heavily inspired by Runescape’s Quest System. We dislike the simplicity of “kill 3 x”, “collect 5 y” followed by another “kill 7 z”. We enjoy the complex and detailed narrative within a quest, even if the lore is not related to the grand-lore of the game but rather specific to quests. It should feel like a journey, not a chore.

Q: Does TitanReach have Guilds/Clans?

A: Yes we will, how they'll work is still being decided.

Q: What happens when I die in TitanReach?

A: Still to be decided, but it's currently planned that you drop the majority of your items.

Q: Where can I PVP?

A: There will be designated PVP areas spread across the map for those who chose to PVP.

Q: How will PVP work?

A: Once you enter a designated PVP area, you can combat other players. If you die you will lose your items.

Q: What about PVP without losing items?

A: We do plan on including "fun" PVP areas/minigames where players do not lose items on death.

Q: Can I get a Mount to get around faster?

A: We do not currently plan to implement mounts.

Q: How do I get around in TitanReach?

A: You can run around or unlock teleports within the skill Arcana to various cities or other zones.

Q: How long will it take a skill from level 1 to 100?

A: We estimate 100 to 200 hours, however, this will require some balancing and play testing. Most content will not require max level, especially during release, as we plan on adding more content as the game progresses.

Q: Will XP go past Max Level?

A: Yes, but there will be max XP thresholds which may increase in the future.

Q: Is the game run as a single world or multiple? How many people are on a world?

A: The game will contain multiple worlds hosted around the globe. Users may jump between worlds any time. The user limit per world is still being discussed.

Q: Will there be an Action House (AH)?

A: Currently no, the team wants to go in a more unique way of handling it instead of just I.E one building where you talk to a npc to do trade. Ideas like player owned stalls etc.. have been thrown around but they haven't decided on anything yet. And the ETA on this system arriving is unclear still.


Q: What inspired TitanReach?

A: This game is heavily inspired by games like Runescape, Minecraft & Cube World but with general MMO features. We are using a vibrant environment with a low poly art-style.

Q: What Engine/Programming Language is used to develop TitanReach?

A: The client is developed on Unity in C#. The server is a standalone server, written in C# on .NET Core 3.1, using a C# implementation of the enet networking library. We do not use any 'MMORPG game templates/systems'. Our game is built from the ground up.

Q: Will this game have MTX?

A: Square Root Studios does not support MTX that can give an unfair advantage to another player, such as powerful items or experience. There may be cosmetics at some point beyond release.

Q: What is the payment model?

A: The game will feature a low-cost subscription model (likely $8-10). More details to be decided.

Q: How can I provide feedback on the game?

A: The best way to give us feedback on the game is in the #💭suggestion-box channel in our Discord


Q: What kind of Social Media can I follow?

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TitanReach

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/TitanReach

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/PlayTitanReach

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayTitanReach

Instagram: https://instagram.com/PlayTitanReach

Facebook: https://facebook.com/PlayTitanReach

Website: https://titanreach.com

Email: support@titanreach.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/TitanReach