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Welcome to the TitanReach Wiki!

This wiki is under construction. Due to the early stage of development, things can change rapidly and the wiki may not always be up to date.

Please contact Dynny#0001 with any comments, questions or concerns on Discord.

What is TitanReach?

TitanReach is a modern re-imagining of old-school style MMORPGs. Veteran players will recognise much from the genre they love, while new features bring the game to life for everyone. The game focuses on a deep skilling system, massive fantasy open-world, engaging quests, and a complex, skill based combat system.

In TitanReach you have the freedom to play the way you want. You can create a tanky sorcerer, a quick and nimble fighter, or even avoid combat entirely.

Editing guidelines

Here are some guidelines for creating and editing pages on this wiki.

Item icons
When uploading icons for items, please make sure you use the following naming format: Item_name.png

Vendor item tables
When creating or updating item vendor pages, please use the following template when making store item tables: Template:Vendor Item Row
Check Shopkeeper source for an example on how to use it.

Monster drop tables
Same as vendor item tables, please use the following template when creating a drop table: Template:MobDrop
Check Skeleton source for an example on how to use it.

If you have any guidelines ideas or suggestions or complaints, please contact Dynny#0001 on Discord.

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